Autism is not a Learning Disability or a mental health problems. It is a developmental disability which affects how one communicates and interacts. Some people with Autism may also have a Learning Disability and may experience mental health problems.

Dynamic Social Care Ltd works closely with Autistic individuals and their families to plan and understand who they are as individuals. Through positive engagement with the person, we create a comprehensive plan which focuses on their individual’s life journey, their support needs and their future goals and aspirations.


We seek to provide care and support which takes into consideration their desired outcomes to ensure that their wellbeing is met. Once we have created their plan collaboratively, we explore existing resources in the Bradford and Yorkshire area to support them to seek out opportunities and activities of their choice, this may include supported community activities, learning and employment opportunities.

We also work with health and social care professionals to carry out positive risk assessments taking into consideration the individual’s ability to make decisions about their life. We offer Outreach support services for adults with Autism. Please see our Outreach Support Services.

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Our mission statement, ‘Your Wellbeing Matters’ enables us to measure our customers’ wellbeing by working with them as experts of their lives, listening to their views and understanding their wishes to bring about positive change.


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