As defined by the Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia is a group of Symptoms. Its caused by different diseases that damage the brain.
The symptoms get worse with time and include:

  • Memory Loss
  • Confusion and needing help with daily tasks
  • Problems with language and understanding
  • Changes in behavior

At Dynamic Social Care Ltd, we have a skilled and experienced team of carers specialized in providing support to adults living with Dementia in their own homes. A domiciliary or home care package can be put in place to support your loved one to live longer in the community whilst ensuring that their care and safety needs are met. We can provide a sitting service or a period of respite to enable family members to take a break from their caring role.

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Our mission statement, ‘Your Wellbeing Matters’ enables us to measure our customers’ wellbeing by working with them as experts of their lives, listening to their views and understanding their wishes to bring about positive change.


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